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4/21/2013  Printable pistol target
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12/31/2013  Girl inspiration
If you want to see some amazing shooting, then search these women on YouTube.
According to USPSA (United States Practical Shooting Association) 15% of its members are women.

Jessie Duff (full name Jessie Harrison-Duff, and formerly Jessie Abbate)
Jessie is the Captain for Team Taurus
She is also the first female USPSA Grand Master.

Julie Golob
She is the captain of Smith & Wesson’s shooting team.
She is also sponsored by Benelli.

Tasha Hanish

Tori Nonaka
Became a member of Team Glock at age 15. 

Maria Harbin
On the Heckler & Koch team.

Jessica Hook
12/31/2013  Book Review                   (from club newsletter)
          I recently read the new book “American Gun, A History of the U.S. in Ten Firearms” by Chris Kyle. Chris is the former Navy Seal who wrote the autobiography “American Sniper.” “American Gun” is a history book as much as it is a book about guns. I found the first three chapters a joy to read. The rest of the chapters were still interesting; however, they were just different. With both of Chris’s books, they are very easy to read. I would recommend this book to anyone. You don’t have to be a gun person to appreciate this book.
          If you have followed Chris Kyle’s career then you know that he is considered “the most lethal sniper” in U.S. history. He wrote “American Sniper” because it was getting to the point where someone was going to write his story so he decided to do it himself. A very nice touch was how his wife, Taya, was included in the book. In many of the chapters, she would write about what she was doing and feeling while Chris was out doing his job.
          There is a sad story behind “American Gun.” Chris was killed before it was finished. He and a friend were shot by a veteran they were helping recover from PTSD. Taya stepped in and worked to finish the book. I am sure this is why some of the chapters read differently. Taya Kyle has since become quite popular in gun rights circles. She was a speaker at the NRA national convention. You can watch her seventeen minute speech on YouTube by searching “taya kyle nra speech.” Because you get to know Taya from her writings in “American Sniper”, I believe she says what she believes and not just for profit.

12/31/2013  The gun and ammo drought            (from club newsletter)
          2013 has been exciting times for gun owners. It wasn’t always pleasant with higher prices on guns and ammunition when you could find it. I call these times “droughts.” What I have seen in the last several decades is that there is a pattern to these droughts. Knowing this pattern can help you save money and hopefully not get too stressed. I get stressed when I have less than 500 rounds of any caliber; but, I’m not going to pay $1 per round to restock.
          I will use the recent school shooting in Connecticut on December 14, 2012 as an example of the drought process. First the anti-gun movement grabs ahold of the massacre and it gets taken up nationally. Gun bills seem to get pulled out of drawers and presented to Congress. Once this happens, the drought officially starts. Guns start to get purchased in record numbers. Ammo disappears. Sporting goods web sites put up banners that read: STOP BOTHERING US. WE DON’T HAVE ANYTHING. After about three months, guns start to trickle back into gun stores at very high prices. Ammo, when you can find it, is limited to one box.
          Now for the good news. Gun and ammo droughts historically last 9 months. It has been nine months since December. Availability is good. I will use Georgia Arms, an ammunition maker, (www.georgia-arms.com) as an example. When the drought started their banner read something like “at least 3 month delay to fulfill orders.” Two months ago it was limiting buyers to 500 rounds per caliber. Now there are not any limits.