Middle Georgia Gun Owners Association
Twin Oaks Range

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Dedicated to the preservation of the right to keep and bear arms 
*Updated 8/15/22
Here is the 2022 SER 4-gun registration and information

Posted the workday schedule to get ready for the SE Regional Shoot.

The ​Middle Georgia Gun Owners Association was formed to:

A. To promote private ownership of guns for the safe and wholesome use of the members.

B. To protect the constitutional rights of the citizenry of the United States to “keep and bear arms.”

C. To create an environment for the use of, care of, training of, showing of and safe handling of guns.

D. To teach and instill gun safety with the assistance of any qualified individuals, groups, or organizations.

E. To promote amateur competition in marksmanship for local, regional, and state levels.
Members may shoot 7 days a week Sunrise to Sunset
A private membership outdoor shooting range
 near Dublin Georgia
Upcoming Events           (updated 8/8/22)
Unscheduled events

                             Range Orientation Course
These are perfect for the new shooter. It includes 2 hours of classroom and a 2 hour session of shooting. Bring handgun and 50 rounds of ammo.
Leave the gun in your vehicle until told to get it. See below.
​Scheduled events

Please help on work days when you can.
Call Matt 478 918-7460 with any questions.

August 13 Saturday
Start at 9 am and work until Noon.
Smooth out the camping spots. Shovel and rake work. (outdoor work)
Call Matt 478-918-7460 if yo have earth moving equipment or a tractor.

August 20 Saturday
Start at 9 am and work until Noon.
We will have a workday to tape backers (indoor work)

September 3 Saturday
Workday starting at 9 am. We will label targets and backers with the competitor numbers. This is indoor work. It take about 4 hours.
Check the campsites.

September 17 Saturday
Starting at noon. General cleanup.
Indoor and outdoor work

Wednesday September 21
Target frame setup 3:30pm to 7pm Most help needed after 5pm.

September 22 - 25 Saturday & Sunday
South-East Regional Benchrest tournament
Need more folks to help out and learn different functions.
Call Matt 478-918-7460
See our Facebook page MGGOA / Twin Oaks Range